Divorce Lawyer in Greenville NCEveryone knows creating a separation agreement is challenging.  In fact, it can sometimes be one of the hardest and most trying times for those involved in a divorce, along with selecting an attorney  Breaking up with your former lover and best friend can be an experience filled to the brim with different emotions: anger, hurt, sadness, resentment, etc. To help avoid conflict when looking into divorce options, read the following four tips:

1. Avoid Arguments

Try the best you can do to avoid arguing with your spouse. Limit communication between you and your spouse to written form if possible. Written proof of acting in bad faith or using hurtful communication can often be a useful tool in pursuing legal claims during your divorce. Remember, however, that this goes both ways. Make sure to monitor and control your words as well and keep in mind that you are basically under a microscope during a divorce.

2. Double Check Your Privacy Settings on Facebook

Since we are on the subject of written communication, don’t forget to make your social media account settings private. Your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. will be closely watched by your spouse and scrutinized be his or her attorney. Even though your account may be private, information can still be accessed by others. To be safe, take a break from social media during your divorce and keep your personal matters personal.

3. If Necessary, Communicate Through an Attorney

If you and your spouse cannot communicate in a civil manner (even via writing) you may want to choose to communicate through your attorney. Your attorney is your strongest advocate and can communicate on your behalf without becoming emotionally involved.

4. Take Care of Your Feelings

Going through a divorce is very hard emotionally. It is important that you take care of yourself and that you get the help you need to cope healthily with your feelings. There is no shame in seeing a therapist or joining a divorce support group. Remember that you are not alone in this and that there are resources available to help during his difficult time.

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